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Countertop Terminal & POS Solutions

Grow Your Business with Top-Notch Hardware

Priority offers a diverse range of countertop terminal and Point-of-Sale solutions that will help keep your business running smoothly. Whether you’re a restaurant, retail, or service business, we’ve got a diverse set of hardware solutions that are easy-to-use and will help streamline day-to-day sales.

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Our Countertop Terminal & POS Solutions


The Anywhere Commerce Nomad POS and Walker C2X Readers are fully integrated with MX™ Merchant. The Nomad POS is an all-in-one, customer-facing mobile device that runs on the Android platform and supports EMV contactless, Chip & PIN, Chip & Sign, magnetic stripe and contactless payment technologies. The Walker C2X Reader is a bluetooth enabled, EMV-certified compact payment acceptance device that transforms smartphones, tablets and PCs into robust, secure mPOS solutions.


Ingenico countertop payment terminals are integrated with our MX™ Merchant Gateway. Our Ingenico offerings include terminals from the Telium iCT220 and iCT250 and Tetra (Desk/3500, Desk/5000, Move/5000) devices. When using our proprietary MX™ Merchant application on these devices, businesses can access instant, real-time reporting, as well as take advantage of Level II and Level III processing with MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer. Next Day Funding is also available, batch cut-off times are as follows, First Data - 6 PM, and TSYS 8 PM.

PAX Technologies

Priority offers an array of PAX Technologies countertop solutions. From smart devices to advanced countertop POS terminals, PAX has an ideal payment solution whether your business is in retail, hospitality, convenience, or entertainment. Models available include: PAX S80, PAX A920 4G, PAX A80, PAX E500, and PAX SP30 PinPad.


Priority offers Clover Station, a powerful and productive countertop POS system consisting of an integrated suite of products that replace an existing cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. Clover Station is a next generation control system that radically simplifies business by helping to track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight to build stronger, lasting customer relationships, and accept payments with ease.


FirstData’s line of FD hardware has built-in technology designed to make managing payments easier, safer, and smarter. Enjoy peace of mind from the advanced fraud protection and security features built into all of the FD credit card terminals, and help simplify your business and increase revenue with dependable, user-friendly, and affordable hardware. Models available include: FD150, FD200 TI, FD200 TI WiFi, and FD410 DW (3G, SIM Card included).


The Poynt Smart Terminal allows businesses to accept a multitude of payment types, easily email receipts, refund transactions, and settle with the tap of a button. And with the free smartphone app, users can do it all from anywhere. The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with a built in scanner and printer, WiFi and 3G options, and is EMV certified.


Vital Point-of-Sale is a family of flexible, customizable POS solutions. Vital POS products support all business environments and help meet a variety of point of sale needs. Vital’s cloud-based platform provides a single administrative access point across all Vital POS products, requiring less maintenance while maintaining benefits such as inventory management, time and employee management, and reporting.


Priority offers both countertop and pinpad payment solutions from Verifone. In a variety of designs that range from rugged to elegant, Verifone devices are both merchant and user friendly. Beyond payment acceptance, the terminals can also support rich multimedia to drive customer engagement and build loyalty. Models available include: V200C, V400C, V400M, P200, and P400.
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