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Integrated Big Data.
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Get Ready To Outwit Your Competition

With access to a growing database of over 95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion cardholders, MX™ Insights distills Big Data into Actionable Insights about your customers and local competitors.


How is my business performing? MX™ Insights tells you how your business is performing with key metrics and trends on business performance, benchmarked to local competitors, including:

— Average Purchase Size
— Spend Per Customer
— Spend Per Day of Week
— Spend By Time of Day

MX™ Account Updater

How loyal are your customers? MX™ Insights will help you identify customer loyalty and their purchase frequently, including:

— Repeat Customers
— Average Visits Per Customer
— Days Between Visits
— Repeat Buyers Share


How can I get more customers? MX™ Insights provides you with deep customer insights enhanced with local demographic information that will help you to outpace the competition, including:

— Top Demographics
— Top Zip Codes
— Customer Segments

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